PROJECTSEgg Donation

What You Can Do

  • Invite Generations Ahead, Choice USA or the Health Equity Institute for Research, Practice & Policy to speak to your staff, board or members about egg donation
  • Join our expanding network of advocates from multiple sectors who care about this issue
  • Invite us to write a guest blog or article for your newsletter, or co-write an article with us
  • Explore the possibility of working with us to expand the reach of our survey, interviews or focus groups
  • Work with us to develop comprehensive materials and tools for young women who are considering donating or selling their eggs
  • Look for our upcoming report on young women’s perspectives on egg donation

Selling eggs for fertility or research purposes is currently a hotly contested issue: Is it safe? Is it ethical? Should women be paid for it? How much should they be paid? Does it commodify and exploit young women? And, is it a form of designing babies?

In all these debates, the voices of young women—the primary targets of recruitment ads—are conspicuously absent. We are working with two partners, Choice USA and Health Equity Institute for Research, Practice & Policy, to ensure that the concerns and perspectives of young women are central in any debates about egg donation.

What’s the Issue?

Everyday, young women (mostly on college campuses) are exhorted to sell their eggs. Fertility clinics and brokers post ads in college newspapers, Facebook and Craigslist solicit young women from top colleges, with high SAT scores and certain physical features, to sell their eggs for $5,000, $10,000, $50,000 and even up to $100,000. Several debates revolve around the issue and questions about what is an appropriate level of compensation; how to assess the long and short-term health risks involved in the procedure; is this a form of eugenics and designing babies; and, does this constitute a form of commodification and exploitation of young women? This project seeks to ask and answer two questions:  How do young women think and feel about egg donation?  And, what information and alternatives would these women like to have about health, safety, short and long-term ethics, and how to make the best decision for themselves?

What We’ve Done

We are working with Choice USA (a young women’s reproductive justice organization) and the Health Equity Institute for Research, Practice & Policy at San Francisco State University to research how young women think and feel about egg donation and develop a website that provides the comprehensive information they would like to have.